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Monday, November 1, 2010

Adam Eaton, 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter #6

I told you recently that I had received my end of a trade from Ryan of O No! Not Another Orioles Blog. Upon checking Ryan's expertly organized want list against my big ol' box of O's doubles, I was left with a stack of nearly 140 cards to send back. Sensing an opportunity to knock off a few more of my own Birdland cardboard needs, I convinced Ryan to expand the trade. Today, we each received a package in the mail, the serendipitous sort of thing that doesn't happen often in my experience. In thumbing through the pile and considering in the back of my mind which card would accompany the trade post, only one card made me cackle with a perverse, evil delight. That would be this fine-looking card commemorating a hideous, dark time in Orioles history. 75 baserunners in 41 innings...an 8.56 ERA...eight wasted starts...and I'm laughing about it. Time truly does heal all wounds.

If you'd like to make a deal with Ryan, go check out his want list. All the cool kids are doing it.


Ryan said...

I had a feeling when I included this card in the package that it would end up in one of your posts in all of its wonderfully hideous glory. He had one really great start he had against the White Sox. Here is the statline if you throw that one out: 33.2 IP, 69 baserunners (A Very Tidy 2.07 WHIP), 9.91 ERA

FreeTheBirds said...

Bad form, Kevin. Day one of the free agent season is not a day I want to hear the name Adam Eaton.

Kevin said...

Ryan - I remember being flabbergasted that Eaton was capable of a performance like that, even as a fluke.

Jeff - Don't blame me! I'm not the one who invited Juan Samuel back to reprise his old third base coaching duties. Sigh.