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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miguel Tejada, 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter #8

Two ships pass in the night. Welcome to Baltimore, Buck Showalter. May you have a better time of it than your last five predecessors...six, if you count Juan Samuel, which I don't. You're a brave soul if you're willing to jump right into this hot mess with the team 40 games under .500. You're certainly a bigger man than that self-important weenie Bobby Valentine.

So long again, Miguel Tejada. I will miss your entertaining handshakes and gestures and the ability to reference "Miggi and Wiggy", but I won't miss your infuriating insistence upon swinging at the first pitch over and over again, especially now that your bat has slowed down enough to ensure a healthy dose of ground ball outs. Best of luck in the National League West pennant race. I'm sure you remember pennant races, right? You used to be in them back in Oakland, way back in the early 2000s.


Commish said...

Over/Under of Showalter's tenure is 400 games. I'll take the under.

Kevin said...

Bob - I hope for Buck's sake and ours that you're wrong!