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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Randy Milligan, 1991 Studio #7

It's a big day for animalistic baseball transactions, as the Orioles traded a (Ross) Wolf to the Athletics for a (Jake) Fox. At first blush, it's a swap of 27-year-old minor league vets, but I appreciate the fact that corner infielder/outfielder/emergency catcher Fox joined the major league club right away, ostensibly putting one more nail in the coffin of punchless Garrett Atkins.

"Moose" Milligan could not be reached for comment. Neither could Walt "Moose" Dropo, Mike Mussina, Howie Fox, Chico Salmon, Bob "Rabbit" Saverine, Marlin Stuart, Dizzy Trout, Gregg "Otter" Olson, Mike Parrott, John "Horse" Orsino, Terry "the Crow" Crowley...well, you get the idea.


Jim from Downingtown said...

Ahh, Randy Milligan. I can remember playing fantasy baseball back in the late 1980s, when Randy Milligan, Kevin Elster, and Hensley Meulens were the "must-have" rookies. What were the scouts thinking?

Kevin said...

Jim - To be fair, Randy was an on-base machine. Of course back then, there probably weren't many fantasy leagues that accounted for walks.

"Bam Bam" Meulens was a coach for the Netherlands in the last World Baseball Classic, I think.

Mike said...

Randy Milligan was a class act all the way. One of the first MLB games I ever went to as a kid was between the Braves and Expos. Me and my friend were desperately trying to get someone - anyone - to sign our baseballs. Everyone ignored us and we thought all was lost until low and behold up walks Randy Milligan and signs both our baseballs and even takes a second to talk with us. That was my first autograph ever and I still to this day have that baseball and it is among my most treasured.