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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joe Orsulak, 1993 Score Select #234

Today is a lazy Sunday, making it an excellent occasion for a "just-for-the-hell-of-it" card. I chose this Joe Orsulak number for its somewhat unique photograph. I don't remember seeing many cards featuring an outfielder camped directly under a fly ball, waiting with glove outstretched to secure the out. This angle in particular is rare, directly at field level with the player. It's unsurprising that Joe O used both hands to nab this one. He was well-coached, I guess.


FreeTheBirds said...

I got Joe O's auto at a recent O's alumni signing at the ballpark. He, Tippy and I think Buford were there that night.

Kevin said...

FTB - Of the three, I have Tippy's autograph. I know that Joe still lives in the area.

mountainrogue said...

I was looking through some memorabilia I had from the last days of old Memorial and the first days of Camden yards. I had seats right on the field at Memorial stadium and had the pleasure of watching" Slakman" at work. We were the boneheads who put oui the "Slackman" sign. Joe was one of the best pure hitters in the game and a true journeyman of the game. I hope all is well for Joe, anyone seeing this who knows him give him a big hello from a grateful fan
Michael Pie Town NM
Formerly of Kingsville MD