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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tim Raines, Jr., 2000 Topps #445

So here's another attention-grabbing 2000 Topps prospect card featuring an Oriole. There are actually two Orioles, counting future Bird Gary Matthews, Jr. Topps made a sharp move in putting three second-generation outfielders (all named after their accomplished fathers!) on the same card. The only thing that would be snazzier would be if all three of their major league dads also made an appearance.

So how do these flycatching progeny stack up against their papas?

The elder Tim Raines is hopefully a future Hall of Famer, by virtue of his .294 career average, .385 on-base percentage, and 808 stolen bases. Seven straight All-Star appearances don't hurt, either.

The first Gary Matthews spent 16 years patrolling major league outfields and has a Rookie of the Year award on his mantle. He hit .281 with a .364 on-base percentage, and batted .323 in four postseason series.

Garry Maddox, Sr. was an outstanding center fielder for 15 years, nabbing eight Gold Gloves. He didn't walk much, but did hit at an .285 clip. He was a teammate of Sarge Matthews on the Giants and the Phillies.

The Juniors have totaled 1,320 major league games in 14 seasons: 1,245 games belong to Matthews and 75 to Tim Raines, Jr. Garry Maddox, Jr. never made it to the bigs, and was out of organized baseball after 2003. "Little Sarge" has the only All-Star appearance, a 2006 selection that looks like a fluke in hindsight (he is a .258 career hitter). Raines has not played in the majors since a 48-game swing through Baltimore in 2004, despite hitting over .300 in the minors in 2007 and 2008.

As you can see, the younger trio had some especially big shoes to fill and couldn't quite achieve the same level of success as their fathers. But they still got closer than most young men with baseball dreams.


PeteLevin said...

I can see from his stats that Tim Raines Sr. only played four games for the O's. There wasn't ever a baseball card for him depicting him on the Orioles, was there?

Orioles Magic said...

I think I have heard of one. Maybe a short print something or other.

Kevin said...

Pete - I'm not aware of one. But if Ryan (Orioles Magic) is right, that's something I have got to find.

Orioles Magic said...

Upon further review, it looks like Raines Sr. is listed as having 1 O's card. 2002 Fleer Tradition #87. And of course it's a short print.

Kevin said...

Ryan - You are correct! The hunt begins.