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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott McGregor, 1983 Topps #745

Scott McGregor is wearing long sleeves; judging from the green backdrop, I'd say he's likely pitching in Memorial Stadium on a chilly April afternoon. It's so unmercifully cold in Baltimore right now - and has been so for the past few weeks - that I would kill for some brisk early Spring weather. I'm sure I've discussed my intolerance for frigid temperatures and early sundowns before; simply put, I was born in August and I live for summer. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of winter's bitter indignities. Grasping for extra layers of clothing and blankets, commuting to and from work in the dark, shivering bitterly as I struggle to complete my thoughts, listening jealously as the school closings are reported on the radio, suffering from chapped lips and dry skin, eschewing any and all outdoor activity...these are a few of my least favorite things.

C'mon April...and make sure that June, July, and August follow closely behind.


Ryan said...

I hear you. I hate the weather we've been having. I am really looking forward to the "warm" weather forecasted for the next few days ( low 50's here in Richmond!!!). I can't wait for summertime. Heck I'll even take some March weather right now. BTW, your cards went in the mail yesterday!

Kevin said...

Ryan - Wow, heatwave! Your cards were also mailed yesterday, in a bubble envelope that was near bursting. Hope everything arrives in one piece!

William said...

It takes January to make you realize how fun and convenient the summer is...the sun is up from 6AM to 9PM, you don't need to worry about layers of clothes to go out...the winter makes me miserable and I really notice it when I think about what would be different if it were summer.

William said...

P.S. -- Pitchers and catchers report in 35 days...the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kevin said...

William - I totally agree. As far as Spring Training, I'm eager to see whether the new facility in Sarasota pays dividends for the O's. Having the minor leaguers at the same complex and cutting down on the outlandish travel times to away games should make a difference.