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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Matt Riley, 2000 Topps #446

I mentioned that I received the 2000 Topps hobby factory set as a Christmas gift last month. That night, I opened the box and thumbed through all 480 cards one by one. This card was one of those that made me do a double take. You are most likely more than familiar with these three players...as long as you're an Orioles fan. Their career numbers, through 2009:

Matt Riley: 5-4, 5.99 ERA, 78 K, 72 BB. Currently out of baseball.

Mark Mulder: 103-60, 4.18 ERA, two-time All-Star, one 20-win season

CC Sabathia: 136-81, 3.62 ERA, three-time All-Star, 2007 American League Cy Young Award winner

Meatloaf may have said that two out three ain't bad, but he wasn't an O's fan. This card is a pretty cruel joke on the Baltimore faithful.


Collective Troll said...

ahh, Matt Riley... That crazy young lefty seemed like a can't miss... I think I bought 10 copies of that card when it came out. Thank goodness the other 2 worked out and I was able to trade them away... The kid had some serious talent, but his head...

dinged corners said...

What is faith if not believing in something there is absolutely no evidence for? :)

What does that expression on Matt Riley's face mean, by the way? Hm.

deal said...

Always was a fan of Riley's, mostly because he had the same name as one of my favorite DJs in Philadelphia.

Kevin said...

Troll - I'm sure Sidney Ponson's mentoring didn't help.

DC - Well said as always. Matt does look a bit pained and anxious, doesn't he?

deal - Small world.