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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Leo Gomez, 1995 Fleer Ultra #255

Sometimes, things happen when I'm not paying attention. According to this, former O's third baseman Leo Gomez is the bench coach for Baltimore's rookie-level Appalachian League team in Bluefield. It's an interesting full-circle deal, as he first set foot in Bluefield, WV as a 20-year-old in 1986 and hit .352 with seven home runs in the first 27 games of his pro career.

You know it's a slow offseason when I keep blogging about ex-Orioles who are coaching in the minors. But I'm a sucker for the good old names from my childhood and adolescence.


kiwigurl said...

Waaay cool. I share your sentiment. I grew up in S.California as a Dodger fan, watched Dusty Baker play. I now live in the Bay Area (SF)and watched him as manager of the SF Giants. Its cool. Brings back those wonderful childhood memories. I also had the luck of having SF Giant 2nd baseman Jeff Kent drop into my High School weight room where I worked out..that was fun, he then left SF and went to Houston Astros, then went to LA Dodgers and retired as a Dodger. Baseball is a wonderful thing, full circle in many ways. Kerry Seifert :D

kiwigurl said...
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Kevin said...

Kerry - Good story, and it's interesting that you didn't let the Giants/Dodgers rivalry get in the way of your favorite players.