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Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Tommy Davis, 1975 Topps #564

This card provides a snapshot of all that is good and delightful about the 1975 Topps set: loud colors, even louder hair, and great players from yesteryear. Tommy Davis never equaled his age 23 season, when he led the National League with a .346 average and a jaw-dropping 153 RBI for the Dodgers, he was a valuable contributor to several teams over 18 seasons. He was in his mid-thirties when he became the Orioles' first regular designated hitter in 1973. In three seasons in that role he batted .293 and drove in 230 runs. What's more, 13 of the 24 home runs he hit in his Baltimore tenure either tied the game or gave the O's the lead. His .306 average and 89 RBI in 1973 helped the club to win the A.L. East and earned him a top-ten finish in MVP voting.

Hold on a minute...former Dodgers player...1975 Topps card...if it seems like I'm treading into another blogger's territory, there's a good reason. Diehard L.A. rooter and prolific baseball card wordsmith Greg (a.k.a. night owl) has often professed his appreciation for the 1975 set, which he first collected as a nine-year-old novice. He's finally jumped in with both feet and spun off his love for this multicolored masterpiece, having launched the 1975 Topps (it's far out, man) blog earlier this week. I really admire his uncomplicated approach, as he dedicates one post per card and focuses more on his gut-level reaction to the card (both as a child and in the present day) than on stats and facts. I'm looking forward to reading Greg's take on this retro rainbow, and it will probably further tempt me to complete more of the set (I currently have 80 out of 660, or 12% of the set). I hope you'll check it out as well!


night owl said...

Thanks for the plug. I do love that set more and more every day, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Tommy Davis was one of those players who seemed to play forever, even though he retired before I ever got to see him play. Wow, did what I just write even make sense?

HandyAndy said...

Thanks for the tip about the 1975 Topps blog, the '75 Topps mini was the first set I completed so I'll have to check it out.

Kevin said...

Greg - You're welcome, and I think I understand what you meant. ;)

Andy - No problem. Hope you like it!

O's fan in Buffalo said...

Kevin, I read that you are collecting 75s. I sent you an email at brotz13@gmail.com. I have 75s I'd like to trade. I collect Topps Os. Are you interested in trading?