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Friday, October 30, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Bobby Grich, 1975 Hostess #72

Hey kids! Do you all know the witty, urbane, and knowledgeable HandyAndy, whose comments have enlivened several of the posts on this very blog? Of course you do! If I were you (and I may very well be, but I'm not), I would want to read more of his insights on Orioles cards.

Well, you're in luck! Andy recently launched his very own blog, the Vintage Orioles Cards Project, and it's got my seal of approval! He's trying to collect all of the major vintage cards featuring Baltimore's boys of summer (that's all Bowman, Fleer, and Topps issues from 1954-1980). He's posting his finds one-by-one, with information about how he obtained the card and some facts about the players themselves. So far, it looks like a promisingly good read. If you're itching to share your vintage O's with Andy, he's assured me that a want list will be posted soon. So head on over, and tell him that Kevin sent you! Or don't, that's your call.

So why did I post a vintage Hostess snack cakes card of Bobby Grich, when Andy's not seeking these out? I didn't want to steal his thunder. Pretty crafty, huh?


Craig said...

Kevin-thank you...checked out Andy's site...looks to be an interesting follow as well

Kevin said...

Craig - Glad you like it!