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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tony Tarasco, 1997 Score Hobby Reserve #HR382

Lost in the navel-gazing of yesterday's grand anniversary, I failed to realize that it was also the 13th anniversary of a much darker day in Orioles history. Lo and behold, late last night after I'd written my post, another blatantly blown call in the outfield in the Bronx benefited the Yankees in a playoff game. Sigh.

Many people (most of them probably snotty Yankee fans) wonder when we in Baltimore will "get over" the Jeffrey Maier Game. I, for one, will get over it when:

1) Lousy umpiring stops working out in the Yankees' favor in the postseason, and

2) The channels broadcasting baseball games stop playing the clip of that snot-nosed little punk stealing a fly ball from the grasp of Tony Tarasco as if it were one of the greatest moments in the history of the game.

So it looks like it's going to be a while.


night owl said...

I love the Yankees fans who don't believe Maier did anything wrong. They just continue to fan the fires of my hatred for anything Yankee.

Dave said...

It does suck but we didn't lose the game because of the call. We still could have lost regardless of that. It was still only game 1. If we want to move on as a team, we have to put this behind us and move on.
Its like when my girlfriend dumped me. For 2 months I mourned and was depressed, than I went out and got myself someone who was 100 times hotter than her. I brought my new-gf to a party where my ex was and the look on the ex's face was priceless.

Bo said...

I can understand Orioles fans being upset about Maier, though Dave is right, that only tied the game, it was Randy Myers who blew it in the eleventh.
Twins fans really shouldn't complain about umpiring though, since they only won that game against Detroit because the ump blew the bases-loaded HBP call.

Kevin said...

night owl - Is there any more unifying force in baseball than Yankee hatred? BTW, congrats on the sweep!

Dave - You bring up a good point. In all honesty, I'm hoping next year's team is the "hot new gf". That would make life a lot easier.

Bo - It's been a red-letter postseason for umpiring, hasn't it? Geez.