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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tippy Martinez, 1987 Topps #728

According to reader and Atlantic League devotee Alan, York Revolution pitching coach Tippy Martinez is pretty accommodating when it comes to autograph requests, save for one quirk. He will not sign a baseball card if it depicts him with a mustache on his face, which would apply to some 1986 and 1987 issues. I can certainly understand his reticence; in my reasonably heterosexual opinion, he was (and still is) a handsome guy, but that cookie duster just did not do him any favors. Drink in that photo up top, just for a minute. He looks less like Tippy, and more like Edward James Olmos. Eek.


Orioles Magic said...

While I have heard the Tippy won't sign mustaches cards rumor, I tested it out at one of the alumni signings at OPACY this year. He signed this exact card for me, but it is very possible he won't sign 'stache cards outside of signings.
I will try to get the picture on my blog sometime soon to offer proof of my myth debunking. I swear I'm telling the truth!

Kevin said...

Ryan - This sounds like a job for Snopes!

Paul said...

I see an Asian Charles Bronson.