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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Floyd Rayford, 1984 Topps Traded #96T

Because the weekend got away from me and also because you can never have enough "Honey Bear" in your blog, I will pass along some days-old news. Former Orioles third baseman/catcher/fire hydrant-shaped-person Floyd Rayford is currently a hitting coach in the Twins' farm system and he is climbing that ladder. He has been promoted from the AA New Britain Rock Cats coaching staff to AAA Rochester, a team that he should know well. He did spend parts of seven seasons during his playing career in a Red Wings uniform, after all. You keep plugging along, Floyd. Today the International League, tomorrow the world.


Craig said...

Kevin...I guess I need to look for Floyd when ST starts up next year and the O's play the Twins...as always...you have great info!!

Commish said...

Hey Kevin, Floyd was actually known as "Sugar Bear". I think it came from his resemblance to this guy!

Kevin said...

Craig - He probably won't be easy to miss.

Bob - Actually, I've seen him referred to as both "Sugar Bear" and "Honey Bear". There's plenty of Floyd nicknames to go around!

Commish said...

OK, works for me, Kevin. My buddy and I chatted up Rayford along the left field line during pregame at Arlington Stadium once upon a time. He was friendly enough but I could tell he was thinking "What's up with these two idiots?"

PeteLevin said...

Commish - I don't know, he could also be mistaken for this.