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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brian Roberts, 2009 Upper Deck Icons #13

It seems like things go crazy in Birdland every time I leave town for a few days. In this case, I was in Chestertown for just 48 hours and the following took place:

-Dave Trembley's contract option was picked up, meaning that he will manage the O's in 2010. I'm okay with this. I have some questions about his lineups (Melvin Mora should NEVER bat fifth) and his bullpen management, but the players seem to support him and I wouldn't make a change just for the sake of it. It's hard to judge the guy when he hasn't had much to work with. Next year's team should be much more talented.

-Brian Roberts was named the Most Valuable Oriole, as selected by local sports media. He previously received this honor in 2005, but he was consistently amazing in the just-concluded season, breaking his own team record (and the mark for switch hitters) with a league-leading 56. He also set career highs with 110 runs scored and 79 RBI, hit 16 home runs (his personal second-best), stole 30 bases, and batted .283. Hell, the rest of the world even started paying attention to one of Baltimore's best-kept secrets.

-Oh, and the Birds won their last four games (after losing the previous 13) to avoid the ignominy of 100 losses, finishing 64-98. Mora was removed from the game in the sixth inning and was given a standing ovation by the fans, a very nice moment in what was almost certainly his final game in Charm City. Also, Matt Wieters drove in 17 runs in his last 19 games of the year. Hooray, future!

Now, the slate is wiped clean. The O's are 0-0 again, and will be until April. In the meantime, I've got to channel my energies into rooting for the Angels and whichever team comes out of the A.L. Central.

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