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Monday, September 28, 2009

Todd Frohwirth, 1992 Topps Gold Winner #158

Happy Todd Frohwirth Day! Yes, I know what you're thinking: every day is Todd Frohwirth Day. After all, he's the greatest Milwaukee-born submarine pitcher who ever played at Northwest Missouri State University (go Bearcats!). But today is also the 47th birthday of the greatest underhand-tossing relief pitcher on the Orioles' roster in 1991. In all seriousness, Todd did have one excellent season in Baltimore, one very good one, and then one mediocre year. That's more than you or I ever did, unless you happen to be Tippy Martinez, in which case you probably have better things to do than to read this blog. Froh also held Kirby Puckett to a .490 OPS in 22 career matchups, but your probably knew that.

Someone has to celebrate Todd's birthday, especially when the alternative is talking about yet another loss and Dave Trembley's extremely tenuous job status. I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess he's a winner for a reason. :)

Craig said...

Happy Frohwirth day to all! I nearly made the mistake of going to last nights game (I live outside of Tampa) and after the end results I am glad I stayed home and listened to Joe and Fred on the internet broadcast. BTW, thank you for the tip on Dean's cards. I just added to my collection of Turkey Reds and found that elusive Elvis Grbac Ravens card I have been looking for!

Kevin said...

lonestarr - We all win when Topps makes gold foil parallels of middle relievers!

Craig - Yeah, strong recommendation to avoid the orange and black train wreck at this point. Also...Elvis Grbac? Thanks for reminding me that things can always be worse.