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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Steve Kline, 2005 Upper Deck Fly Ball #115

Wow, back-to-back crummy Steves. Didn't even noticed until I started writing the post. Unlike Mr. Jeltz, Steve Kline did have a chance to rain down woes upon the Baltimore faithful, collecting a $2.5 million paycheck in 2005 to post a mediocre 4.28 ERA and a disappointing 1.2 strikeout-to-walk ratio, and cough up a home run every 5.5 innings. Kline, a classy and tactful gentleman who once flipped off manager Tony LaRussa in-game during his time with the Cardinals, instantly earned the respect of O's fans by complaining that he was "miserable" in Charm City and wished he had never left St. Louis. He said these things during the second week of his Orioles tenure. Love you too, #41.

Steve Kline's foot-in-mouth moment was pretty low, but it's got nothing on the depths that the current team is plumbing. I've tried to ignore them, but the futility is pretty staggering right about now. When the Birds won their 60th game a week and a half ago, I assumed that they would at the very least be able to grab three W's in their final 17 contests to avoid the big ugly round number of 100 losses. Ten straight defeats later, I look like an idiot. They've just been swept by an Indians team that entered the weekend on an 11-game skid of their own, and in the grotesque finale today, Baltimore's baseball team allowed Cleveland's team to score more (nine runs) than Baltimore's football team allowed to their Cleveland counterparts (three points). Only those perpetual punch lines in Pittsburgh and Washington are keeping the O's from being the worst team in all of baseball. I hate this, because I know how many great young players have made their mark on the 2009 team, but hardly any of them are left standing due to injuries and/or organization-mandated shutdowns and it's not making the current team any easier to watch. Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed.

162 games is a death march when your team is no good, and when it's been no good since you were in high school. If Baltimore didn't have a stable, talented football team, I just don't know what I'd do with myself.


jacobmrley said...

You could have to watch the Mets and Washington play this week. I think the loser should officially be in last place, records be damned.

William said...

Spring training starts in 4.5 months!!

FreeTheBirds said...

I also post over at Roch Kubatko's blog on occasion. I will reprint what I wrote over there today:

"I honestly expected us to be playing well in September, I just wonder how we'd be doing if Jones, Bergesen, Matusz, Sherrill were still on the team. The injuries are unfortunate and the trades were necessary for long term progress and at least we get a high draft pick. They are horrible right now and I'll admit I've stopped watching them entirely. I do honestly feel though that the way the way the current roster is playing right now is no indication of how the team will perform come Opening Day next year. Look at all the talent that will be injected back into the team next spring."

Commish said...

Steve Kline, what a putz!

Who's our manager next year?

Kevin said...

Max - Very true. Euugh.

William - I'm not quite ready for that yet. I'll soak up football for the next few months, thanks.

FTB - Well said, but there's no excuse to lose game's like tonight's contest, when you easily outhit the competition. Trembley blew the bullpen situation in the 7th, leaving Albers in to face Aybar when Castillo was warm.

Bob - Not that I'm sure it matters, but I'd give Manny Acta a shot if he's up for it.