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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bob Turley, 1994 Topps 1954 Archives #85

I want to vent my frustration over another disastrous series against the Yankees, another demoralizing invasion of Camden Yards by New York, New Jersey, and bandwagoning Mid-Atlantic fans, another endless September where losses are taken for granted as inevitable...but I just don't have the strength. Bob Turley was one of the original Orioles, a wild young fireballer with undeniable talent who led the O's in wins and was their top strikeout pitcher by a country mile. Of course, he was traded to the Yankees, who were able to surround him with a good enough team that he went on to win 82 games in eight years. He won a Cy Young and was a two-time All-Star with a career 3.19 ERA in the postseason. The Birds got a decent player or two in the deal (particularly slugging catcher Gus Triandos), but my distaste for the Yanks is such that I feel a little twinge of jealousy any time I think about "Bullet Bob". He could've been one of the anchors of the Baltimore staff for a decade...blast it.

Stupid Yankees...some day you won't have the Orioles to kick around. Some day soon? Wieters willing.


night owl said...

The whole thing is sickening isn't it? I'm starting to get a knot in my stomach over the whole postseason thing and September just started.

Tigers68 said...

Ok yes the Yankee fans did totally invade Camden Yards...but Chuck Liddell throwing out the first pitch on Monday and getting to meet him was pretty sweet for this guy. The game wasn't bad either

Kevin said...

Greg - You can say that again. If I have to see A-Rod and Swisher and Joba and Teixeira celebrating in October, I will be one bitter dude.

Tigers68 - I did see that the Iceman was there. Wish he could've gotten a few Bronx Bombers in a clench.

Dean said...

I did not realize that Turley came up in the Browns orgainzation. If it makes you feel any better, he might have not done much with the O's teams.

He would have been a #1 or #2 pitcher, with little support. With the Yanks, Whitey Ford faced all of the other #1's.

Craig said...

I am sure you are aware that Bob Turley (1st pitch in Memorial Stadium) and Flanny (last pitch in Memorial Stadium) will be signing autographs the 26th at Great Moments in Timonium

Mr P said...

That is one hell of a signature! What was he signing it with? A quill?

Kevin said...

Dean - You may have a point there. Besides, it's not like the Birds were hurting for pitching once Pappas, Walker, O'Dell, etc. came along.

Craig - Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that! Pretty cool.

Mr. P - Maybe. Certainly a lot more refined than Daniel Cabrera's signature. (Check out his 2007 Topps card some time!)