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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Todd Frohwirth, 1993 Stadium Club #445

Given my previously-mentioned affinity for pitchers who throw at odd angles, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Orioles' recent acquisition of sidearmer Cla Meredith (even if they did have to part with Oscar Salazar to get him). He certainly helped ease his transition to a new team and fanbase by hitting a Yankee with a pitch right off the bat, and striking out Derek Jeter for the cherry on top.

When I first started rooting for the O's, Todd Frohwirth was the resident oddball hurler. He had a few effective years, baffling hitters with his submarine style. It's been said that throwing the ball underhanded is a more natural motion, putting less strain on the arm than the overhand method, but looking at the action shot above it seems hard to believe. There's nothing natural about that. But hey, Todd got 284 games out that right arm, to the tune of a 3.60 ERA (including marks of 1.87 in 1991 and 2.46 in 1992 with the Birds), so it worked for him. But it makes my back hurt just looking at him, you know?


HandyAndy said...

Gotta love a good submariner!!! What a great shot.

Kevin said...

Andy - Yep...he was no Kent Tekulve, but then, who was?

Mr P said...

Jeepers! Back hurt? All of me is hurting is looking at Todd.

Kevin said...

Mr P - You make a good point.