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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ramon Hernandez, 2006 Fleer #251

Although Ramon Hernandez is identified as an Oriole on this card, he is pictured in a Padres uniform. (As Steve may have noticed, he's attempting to tag out White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik.) I chose this card today as my way of telling you that I'm heading out of town for the weekend. In four hours, I'll be flying out of BWI-Marshall Airport en route to Atlanta. For the fourth time in my life, I'll see no more of Georgia than the inside of its busiest airport. Some day I'll actually check out the rest of Atlanta! From there, I'll catch a connecting flight across the Southern United States to San Diego to visit my good friends Jill and Tristan. I'm really looking forward to escaping the terrible humidity of Baltimore for a few days, and as luck has it, I'll be able to check out Petco Park for a game or two of the Padres' weekend series against the Brewers. The only major league ballparks I've seen are Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards in Baltimore, RFK Stadium and Nationals Park in Washington, D. C., and the former SkyDome in Toronto (though that was for WrestleMania, not a baseball game). I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I get home.

As usual, I'm not leaving you completely in the lurch. I've picked out a few of the most aesthetically interesting cards in my collection and they'll be posted each day while I'm away. I'll be back on Tuesday. Enjoy the transition from July into August, everyone!


MattR said...

Petco is a nice park. The parks I've seen are: Petco (nice), Coors Field (my favorite), Safeco (meh), Kingdome (bleech), and Chase Field (bleech). I also saw Dodger Stadium in the mid 70s but don't remember much about it.

Have a nice trip--San Diego is nice.

Brian said...

San Diego is awesome...you should check out Cabrillo National Park while your there...great view of the city. Also, let me know how Oscar Salazar doing.

William said...

RIP George Sherrill.

Kevin said...

Matt - Thanks! I did enjoy Petco, though I didn't take proper precautions and wound up incredibly sunburned.

Brian - I didn't make it to Cabrillo, but we did visit Torrey Pines, which had some amazing views. Oscar went 0-for-1 as a pinch hitter on Sunday when I was there, but had hit RBI pinch hit doubles each of the two previous nights. I cheered for him, anyhow.

William - I'll be getting to George today. The nerve of Andy MacPhail, waiting til I left town!