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Monday, July 27, 2009

Brian Roberts, 2005 Donruss #105

At times I feel like this blog is in danger of switching to an all-Brian Roberts format. But I can't help it if card companies have been churning out dozens of his cards every year, thereby tempting me to spend even more time talking about my favorite player. I'm a victim, here.

I don't actually have anything to say specifically about Brian tonight, but there was just too much going on in this picture for me to pass it by. You've got our second baseman in his 1975 throwback uniform, rocking the high stirrups. I'm the kind of guy that prefers the old-school high socks, and it bothers me that the few players who still wear high socks only wear solid colors instead of stirrups with white sanitaries. At least when the O's turn back the clock, Brian does it right.

I also enjoy the sideways glance on Roberts' face. I'm imagining that the two young ladies seated in the first row behind the Baltimore dugout are shouting marriage proposals to him, causing him to turn to the umpire and say, "Did you hear that?".

Finally we have maligned manager Lee Mazzilli standing attentively at the dugout railing. His arms are very intensely folded on top of the rail and he is gazing fiercely out at his young hitter. He's recalling the advice that he gave Roberts before he stepped to the plate - "Get a hit" - and he hopes that this advice goes heeded. Only then will people realize what a tactical genius the Great Mazz is. That'll be pretty sweet.


Commish said...

BR has the Frank Robinson super high stirrup look down pretty well.

Dave said...

I think with Brian there would be more than two girls shouting out at him. He probably does very well for himself in that department.

Brian said...

Wow was it a mistake to get a coach from the enemy with Mazzilli.

Tigers68 said...

I love the Apple Ford commercials that Brian does, so cheesy and typical of a local ad.

Kevin said...

Bob - I also thought of Robby, but then, nobody wore them quite as high as he did.

Dave - Well, he just got married last offseason, but I'm sure that doesn't stop the shouting!

Brian - Rumor has it that he did no pregame preparation. Supposedly he would show up a half hour before BP, sometimes without knowing who the opposing pitcher was. If true, that's astounding.

Tigers68 - Athlete car commercials are a fascinating breed of TV ad.