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Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Mickey Scott, 1973 Topps #553

There's a few things that I dig about this card:

-Mickey Scott's pose almost perfectly mirrors that of the "pitcher" silhouette in the bottom left corner of the card. If his back were a little straighter and his glove hand a little higher, it would be a match.

-Scott, whose birth name is Ralph Robert Scott, was born in Weimar, Germany. Not only is he the only German-born player in Orioles history, he's the only German player in all of Major League Baseball since 1947.

-Last, and certainly not least, a pitcher named Mickey is posing on a Spring Training field in front of an outfield advertisement for Walt Disney World. You can't tell me that the photographer didn't frame that shot on purpose.


HandyAndy said...

I love this set, the clean designs and the variety of posed and action shots throughout is great. The Palmer (#160) is a great action shot with the high leg kick; you feel like you're standing at field level watching him work.

I much prefer vintage sets, I really rail against the trend of memorabilia/jersey/bat cards which to me are just sacrificing pieces of the game's history to make high end cards that can be out of the price range of many collectors.

Congrats on a great blog.

Mr P said...

Interesting thing is also the tobacco in his mouth. Couldn't be easy to pose with that in it.

Kevin said...

Andy - It really is a nice set. Belanger's got a good action shot too, turning the double play at 2B. Thanks for the kind words!

Mr. P - You're right. That chaw is almost at Mickey Tettleton proportions.