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Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Hank Foiles, 1962 Topps #112

I love that Hank Foiles is posed in his catcher's crouch with his throwing hand balled into a fist. I'd like to think that this was his regular defensive position, and that the Mighty Fist of Foiles served as an unspoken warning and challenge to all comers.

"Hey, ump? You wanna call that a ball? Go ahead, I dare ya!"

"Hey, batter? You think you're gonna peek back at me for the pitch call? Think again, punk."

"Oh, Mr. Baserunner...you look a little antsy down there at second. I might not break for third if I were you."

"You listen to me, Hoyt Wilhelm, and you listen good. If you so much as think about throwing me that dadgum knuckleball, it will be your last."

"Skip, remember when you yanked me for a pinch hitter last night? Won't be doing that again, will ya?"

Hank Foiles is a bad, bad man.

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