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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Melvin Mora, 2006 Upper Deck #64

It's time to gaze at more goofy faces in the crowd at an Orioles-Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium. My favorites include:

-The guy in the light blue shirt at top left who's shoveling popcorn or peanuts into his craw

-The man in white a row or two below him, who appears to be clutching his hand to his head due to a case of "the vapors"

-The lady in pink at far right who is preparing to hurl her water bottle at Melvin Mora

-The dude in the polo shirt who is standing up to pick his wedgie

-His buddy in the navy blue tee, whose hand he is holding (Melvin is blocking our view of the tender moment)

If you think that two nights worth of silly posts is my way of avoiding any talk of the Orioles' disastrous play, you would be correct.

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