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Monday, June 1, 2009

David Segui, 1994 Score #361

Here's a pressing question for fellow card collectors. When flipping through a stack of cards, do you take note of the players that make cameos on another player's card? I think it's a fun quirk to be able to see Grady Sizemore sliding into second base as Brian Roberts turns the double play, or a blurry Eddie Murray lurking in the on-deck circle as Cal Ripken, Jr. takes his hacks. I'll even go so far as to make a note in my computerized card database if an interloping player shows up on someone else's card (that's why I'm a hit with the ladies). Many times it's easy enough to tag the guest star, as is the case with Tim Hulett on this David Segui card. But sometimes I have to identify a catcher in full gear by his facial features, or a baserunner by his jersey number. Any time a baseball card spurs me on to a little extra research, that's not a bad thing. So am I alone in this mania, or do you harbor a secret curiosity for cameo players?


night owl said...

You are not alone:


jacobmrley said...

the only reason I have a 1987 topps terry pendleton near my beloved collection is because gary carter is behind him. same with the 1993 UD Kirt Manwaring.

I also especially like it if hall of famers show up on scrub cards.

I hate it when players upstage the person who's card it is supposed to be:


down in front!

Kevin said...

Night Owl - What a relief! I wrote about that Crowley card: http://oriolescards.blogspot.com/2008/02/vintage-fridays-terry-crowley-1973.html

Check out the comments - The Crow suffered a broken leg on that play!

Max - I can picture the Manwaring card just by the mention. I love 1993 UD. As for that Murcer card, that's just plain weird. I seem to recall that a lot of 1973 Topps cards were equally confusing, as they were getting used to action shots.

Mr P said...

Definitely not alone. I do it with cards and pretty much all sports photos. I love to take the whole image in. Also cool to look at the crowd and see what they're up to.