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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rocky Coppinger, 1997 Skybox Metal Universe #3

I'm not in a verbose mood tonight. My sister's very young cat, Count Rugen, had to be put to sleep today after being diagnosed with lymphoma. He was an energetic, affectionate animal, and he won over yours truly, though I have never ever been a cat person. I met him and said goodbye all within a couple of months. Life is unfair.

I desperately need to laugh, which is the reason Metal Universe exists. At least, that's my best guess. Why else would Skybox produce a set of cards with glossy player photos set against multi-colored etched foil backgrounds with ridiculous comic book effects? When I think of the reasons Rocky Coppinger's major league career was so brief, this is number one with a bullet: he had difficulty concentrating, as he was being stalked by a giant green spider. The grounds crew really should have done something about that.

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