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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Juan Guzman, 1999 Fleer Tradition #403

Okay, here's a stupid question. What exactly constitutes "Tradition" in this offering? The card in question has a glossy finish and oodles of gold foil. It even has a modernized Fleer logo instead of the classic red five-point crown. The photography is sharp...heck, Juan Guzman's even wearing the contemporary O's uniform rather than a turn-back-the-clock ensemble. An Office Depot billboard is visible on the outfield fence, and there's nothing very classic or traditional about a nationwide office supplies retailer.

Guzman himself isn't even a longtime fan favorite that O's faithful would identify with; he spent most of his career with the rival Blue Jays. He started just thirty-two games in two partial seasons in Baltimore, before being flipped to the Reds in a 1999 deadline deal for B. J. Ryan. (A pretty damned good deal in hindsight, wouldn't you agree?)

In later years, Fleer would get a better grasp on the concept of "Tradition". Sure, some of the designs were kind of crummy, but at least they were more evocative of years gone by.

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Commish said...

Guzman is another of those guys who I never realized was an Oriole (my lost years). I looked him up. He had the same batting average as Tommy Davis did in 1999 (.167). Good for him!