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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jason Johnson, 2002 Fleer Maximum #117

Twenty-seven year old righty Jason Johnson had a breakthrough year in 2001, improving his won-lost record from 1-10 to 10-12 and lowering his ERA by nearly three runs (7.02 to 4.09). In fact, he was the only pitcher on a wretched 63-98 O's team to reach double-digits in wins.

Of course, he maintains to this day that he would have been even better that season had his head not been Krazy Glued to his left shoulder. Still, the experience taught him one valuable life lesson: Never fall asleep next to Buddy Groom on an airplane.

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--David said...

Dude, that is one ORANGE card! He can't help that he likes the smell of his own deodorant! :-)