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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harold Baines, 1994 Triple Play #152

You get a shortie today, since I am in the process of the Big Move. In turn, here's a guy that always seemed to be on the move. Hitting machine Harold Baines was traded six times, five of them in-season. He had three tours of duty with both the Orioles and the White Sox. Chicago famously retired his number after having traded him in July 1989, only to unretire it in 1996 when he re-signed with the team! Harold did all right for himself as a multiple time stretch-run hire, but you'll forgive me if I hope to be less itinerant than old Number 3. With a little luck, I'll be unpacked and settled in the next time I update this blog.

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White Sox Cards said...

That whole retiring/unretiring fiasco was ridiculous. At least the Sox thought enough of Harold to retire his number well before he retired. Nice card too.