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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Floyd Rayford, 1986 Topps #623

I never like to write several downer entries in a row, so what better way to rebound from yesterday's rant than a cameo from Sugar Bear? Take a look at that lovable, roly-poly face and tell me whether you'd think to stick Floyd at the hot corner. I feel kind of sorry for him, as he spent parts of seven seasons in the majors, six of them with the Birds. In the middle of 1983, they traded Rayford to the Cardinals, eventually receiving Tito Landrum in return. Tito played an important role in the O's championship run, batting .310 in limited action and stroking the game-winning home run in the decisive fourth game of the ALCS. Meanwhile, the Orioles reacquired Floyd on the eve of the 1984 campaign. He was out of the organization just long enough to miss out on a World Series win.

My uncle loved to give Rayford a hard time. Several times he's told me about the days when he and a good friend would buy some cheap seats in old Memorial Stadium, toss back a couple of beers, and shout "FLOOOOYYYYYDDDD!" at the top of their lungs. On one occasion, they came to realize that Floyd wasn't even in the game that day. Of course, I have a feeling it wouldn't have mattered to them anyway. So for J.T., here's one more for the road...



Spike said...

1986 Topps is one of my favorite series. I have every Oriole from that year except Lenn Sakata.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...
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