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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Brady Anderson, 1995 Fleer Flair #1

Okay, I gave Blogger a week off to think about what it did to my pictures, and now that it seems to be behaving I'll post the rest of my photo diary of FanFest.

Naturally, Finn LOVED the special Chris Davis-riffic MTA bus.
 The Bird swapped caps with Finn.
 This was the only picture we got where Finn was actually facing forward.
 I snapped a candid shot of Brady Anderson at one of the autograph stations. I think he drinks stem cell smoothies for breakfast each day. Seriously, he is 54! That's Miguel Castro partially visible on Brady's right, and on the end (not pictured) was Roger McDowell.
 Here we were strolling down the Eutaw Street concourse en route to the clubhouse tour.
 "You, there! Hit a home run!"
 I'm sure Earl Weaver made that same face in the dugout all of the time.
 Love this picture.

 I can't believe how great the field looked in January. I could probably get a good night's sleep on that grass.
 Walking past the warehouse on the way back to the car. See you in March, Birds!


Zach said...

Brady Anderson looks like he could still go 25/25.

Kevin said...

After he won the 25th Anniversary HR Derby last year, my sister and I were discussing the possibility that he would be a better fourth OF than Craig Gentry.