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Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Fridays: John Orsino, 1965 Topps #303

For three years, John Orsino wore #12 on the back of his jersey in Baltimore. Tomorrow I'm taking a quick overnight trip to Chestertown for my college reunion weekend. 12 years out of school, and I know that's not a big milestone, but I'll take any excuse to spend a bit of time in C-town, especially when I haven't been back in two years. That's gotta be my longest absence since graduating. As I've done in years past, I'll be performing in a drama alumni improv show tomorrow night. I'm not above humiliating myself for the entertainment of others now and then, and the cash bar in the lobby will hopefully make the audience more receptive. I'll drop back in on the blog in a day or two. Have a good weekend, and enjoy your (once again) first-place Orioles!


Avid Bird Fan said...

Don't sweat the birth. I have been through 3. The first one my wife told me to stop breathing. (I was the only one practicing the breathing techniques). The second one was more "I got this. Stay out of the way of my wife." Third birth, the wife told me to "stop reading that baseball magazine and pay attention to me." So enjoy it, for parenting is a wonderful rollercoaster ride, but completely worth the thrill. Enjoy your weekend at WC.

Kevin said...

Thanks! Your comment made me laugh.