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Friday, March 11, 2016

Vintage Fridays: Frank Robinson, 1972 Topps #100

The Orioles signed Pedro Alvarez this week, who doesn't seem to bring much to the table besides his prodigious power. He doesn't hit for average (.236 career), strikes out a ton (809 K in 742 games), and isn't even a passable defender at first base (23 errors last year...how?). But he does have something in common with Frank Robinson. Much like Robby once hit a ball clear out of Memorial Stadium, Pedro walloped a ball completely out of PNC Park last May. I have a pessimistic sense that the O's might be boom-or-bust to the extreme this year, but when they square up those balls, they should be awfully fun to watch.


Robert Andrews said...

Gonna be a lot of 9-7 games involving the O's this year. I just hope they roll more nines than sevens.

Zach said...

The Astros lived and died by the longball last year. No complaints!

Kevin said...

Bob - You and me both! They won yesterday 8-7, I noticed.

Zach - It worked pretty well for the O's in 2014, a little less so last year.