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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jeff Conine, 2002 Donruss Fan Club #70

I haven't given a baby update since I spilled the beans here one month ago, so here's the latest. Baby B's gestational age is 18 weeks and five days, putting the little peanut firmly in Jeff Conine territory. "Niner" wore #18 during his first stint with the Orioles (1999-2003), and switched to #19 for his second go-round in Baltimore in 2006. So whether you round up or down, well...you get it. Today we had a lengthy ultrasound appointment, and though the primary objective was to make sure everything was in its right place (bones, organs, all that fun stuff - and yes, baby passed with flying colors), obviously Janet and I were just excited to spend 45 minutes of our afternoon watching our unborn kid squirm, stretch, and even yawn. I don't want to get too syrupy here, but it was just an awe-inspiring experience. I will try to refer back to this blog post in July, when I am feeling desperately overwhelmed and sleep-deprived...and then again in a decade or so, when I need to embarrass the hell out of my child.


Zach said...

Your son is going to get drafted by the Orioles in 2034 and this blog post will be referenced, as will this comment's clairvoyance.

Rob said...

Congrats on the continued good news!