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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eddie Murray, 2013 Topps Rookie Card Patch #RCP-10

Oh day of days! It is the 60th birthday of Eddie Clarence Murray, long may he reign in badassitude. It would be nice and tidy if this happened to be my 60th Eddie post, but it's actually number 67. Oh well. More is more, you know? Anyhow, just for a lark, I looked up Steady Eddie's 60th career home run. It came on June 19, 1979, in the midst of his third big league season, and it was a pivotal one. In the bottom of the sixth inning in Cleveland, Steve Stone and Tim Stoddard had allowed three runs to the Indians to tie the game 3-3. Leading off the top of the seventh, Murray went deep against Mike Paxton to put the O's on top for good. They held on for a 6-4 win, their fifth straight. At that point the Orioles were 43-22 en route to capturing the American League pennant.

Eddie then, Eddie now, Eddie forever.


night owl said...

It really disturbed me when I found out that Eddie Murray was turning 60.

And then I realized how old I am and it suddenly made sense.

I haven't left the house all day.

Rob said...

I don't know if you ever go to the Topps website and check out the old baseball cards you can order poster-size, but Eddie's entire Orioles history on cards is available EXCEPT this card. I can't figure out why you can't get that one poster size too, given it's his most famous piece of cardboard...

Kevin said...

Night Owl - I nearly unfollowed my high school's Facebook account today when they posted photos welcoming next fall's freshman class...of 2020.

Rob - That's baffling. But I'd be tempted to get a poster-sized version of Eddie's 1985 Topps card if I weren't hell-bent against giving that company my money.

Zach said...

My sister-in-law makes baseball cards for Topps. I could hassle her about it.