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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jay Gibbons, 2004 Fleer Patchworks #14

Although I'm typing this entry at 12:13 AM on Sunday, May 10, I'm going to consider this as Saturday's post. You can thank my clever wife Janet, who pointed out that I haven't gone to bed yet; by that logic, it still counts.

Anyhow, the Orioles have finally logged their first win in New York in 2015, and it was a good one: 6-2 over the Yankees, with seven strong innings from Wei-Yin Chen and a trio of O's home runs. Jimmy Paredes, lovingly called "Babe Ruth" by his teammates, hit his fifth homer in his 17th game of the season, and now has 15 RBI in his bid to be Dan Duquette's latest scrap-heap find. Alejandro de Aza hit a two-run shot, and hopefully can shake his recent slump. Chris Davis had one of his few successful at-bats this season against the Yankees, blasting his seventh home run of the year and the 121st in his time with Baltimore. That ties him with Jay Gibbons for 17th on the team's historical leader board, though it took Crush only 1,999 plate appearances to do it. Gibbons needed 2,982 trips to the plate to hit his 121 round-trippers with the Orioles. Incidentally, Jay's last home run with the Birds was a go-ahead three-run homer against a 21-year-old Felix Hernandez on July 17, 2007 in an 8-3 Baltimore win, so there's a feather in the cap.

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