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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Joe Altobelli, 1983 Topps Traded #3T

After all of those lean years when the Orioles were lucky to get their one obligatory All-Star selection (George Sherrill, Ty Wigginton, et. al.), I have no complaints about this year's Midsummer Classic. Not only are Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones starting tonight for the American League, but they're even batting back-to-back in the lineup. Matt Wieters will also be introduced with the rest of the stars, even though his recent elbow surgery precludes him from playing. But if I had any one hope for the 2015 All-Star Game, it would be for Buck Showalter to manage the A. L. team. After all, those are the spoils that go to the World Series clubs. The O's skipper hasn't called the shots in the mid-July showcase since Joe Altobelli represented the 1983 World Champions in 1984. Of course, that year the National League pulled out a 3-1 victory, but you can bet that wouldn't happen on Buck's watch.


jacobmrley said...

Actually, the key is to fire Buck Showalter. The Yankees and Diamondbacks won the WS right after they 86ed him and the Rangers went to their first series shortly after. Fire Buck!

Kevin said...

Yeah, but the Rangers don't have any rings. Maybe he sacrificed them to win a Series with the O's...