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Monday, July 14, 2014

Brady Anderson, 1997 Circa #352

The last time the Orioles were in first place in the American League East at the All-Star Break, it was 1997. Baseball cards looked like this (but not all of them, thank the gods), Brady Anderson was leading off for the A.L. All-Stars, and the (Devil) Rays and the Diamondbacks still hadn't made their debut. Back then, the O's had a seven-game cushion over the Yankees en route to a wire-to-wire division title. This year, they might only be up four on the Blue Jays and five on New York, but it's always better to be the team being chased. Now it's time to see if I can get through Adam Jones' swings at the Home Run Derby without muting Chris Berman and John Kruk. It's a long shot.


GCA said...

I'm sure that didn't happen. Berman should do fried chicken commercials. Back back bak bak bok bok bok bok-bok bacaaaak!

On my next jaunt thru Check Out My Cards, I'm going to get half of your Coveted Cluster. They've been there too long!

Kevin said...

Thanks, GCA, but that's not necessary. I've just fallen way behind in updating that list; I actually have most of those cards now. Looks like you've given me some homework. :)