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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brian Burres, 2007 Fleer #325

Remember Brian Burres? Oh, sure you do. Replaceable lefty, went 13-18 with a 5.88 ERA and a 1.66 WHIP with the Orioles from 2006-2008? Shut out the White Sox for eight innings that one time? Jim Palmer seemed to like him a lot? Yeah, it's coming back to you.

Anyway, Brian's career hasn't exactly been on an upward trajectory since he left Baltimore. He pitched briefly and disastrously for the Blue Jays in 2009, tossed 93.1 middling innings for the Pirates in 2010 and 2011, and was stuck at AAA Fresno in the Giants' organization last year. So it's probably just as well that the southpaw is moving overseas in 2013. He will be toeing the rubber in Taiwan for the Lamigo Monkeys, who have both an excellent name and a pretty fierce hooded sweatshirt design.

Pitchers and catchers report next week. Until then...monkeys.

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