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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rene Gonzales, 1988 Topps Big #209

Even as a kid, I found the Topps Big cards to be a pain in the butt. Their slightly oversized dimensions made them difficult to store without spindling, folding, and otherwise mutilating them. Besides, the cartoons on the back were better in theory than execution. Every player was drawn as a clean-shaven white guy with short black hair. Talk about lazy. But this Rene Gonzales card is better than most, and it's specifically because of the silly cartoons:

They make specific note of Gonzo's distinctive #88 jersey! I'm also mildly surprised that he's wearing black and orange in that first panel, especially since his Dodger Stadium usher getup seems to be some kind of off-purple hue. One step forward, two steps back, right?

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GCA said...

I got a box of each series for that year back in August and have some extras if anyone wants some. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo.