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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jay Gibbons, 2003 Topps 206 #321

The Baltimore Sun just posted an article that seemed marketed specifically to me. They pulled quotes from former Orioles who played during the recent streak of futility. To a man, they voiced support for the current team during its playoff push while also expressing regret that they themselves couldn't deliver the O's to the postseason. Those offering their opinions included Jay Gibbons, Melvin Mora, Jeff Conine, Brook Fordyce, and Kevin Millar. Gibbons in particular still seems to identify himself with the Birds. He admitted to frequently checking the team's scores on his phone, and claims that he will be back in Baltimore to root them on if they make it to the Division Series this weekend:

"I'll get my Orioles cap out of the garage, fly in from California, wear my Brian Roberts jersey and sit in the right-field bleachers."
First of all, he's got good taste in jerseys. Second, there's something endearing about the image of Jay, who spent seven seasons patrolling right field in Camden Yards, plunking down in Section 96 and trying to be inconspicuous. He also jokes that he doesn't mind being recognized, as long as he doesn't get egged. Personally, I would leave the eggs at home and offer him a handshake and a beer. We're all O's fans, and the excitement of October 2012 relegates 15 years of losing to the back burner.

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Waldo A. Cat said...

A solid player during some depressing years for the O's. Hope they give him something to cheer about.