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Monday, October 15, 2012

Elrod Hendricks, 2004 Maryland Lottery #30

The O's just-concluded 2012 campaign, and the resultant response by the fans of Baltimore, makes me think of the strong ties that men like Elrod Hendricks had to this city and its people. I'm still somewhat astounded by the realization that I attended 18 Orioles games this past season. I'm reasonably certain that I've never visited Camden Yards more than a half-dozen times in a year before. But it makes sense: I live closer to the stadium than I ever have before, I've been blessed with a bit more discretionary income, my parents gifted me with a Legends series six-pack of tickets, and of course the O's held up their own end of the bargain by making things fun and exciting again (and eventually coming to their senses and offering bigger discounts to more effectively fill the park on weekdays in September!). I got more than my money's worth for the 22% of the club's 83 regular season and postseason home schedule that I witnessed in person. The Birds went 48-35 at Oriole Park, a .578 winning percentage. But through uncommon good luck, they went 14-4 in the games I attended for a .778 winning percentage! You could root through the past six months of archives to figure out which games I saw, but there's no need for that. Out of the kindness of my heart, I cobbled together a fancy-schmancy results table on Baseball Reference. Observe!
11Friday, Apr 6boxscoreBALMINW421-01TiedArrietaPavanoJohnson2:38D46,773
2121Saturday, Apr 28boxscoreBALOAKW10113-81TiedChenRoss2:53N26,926
3333Friday, May 11boxscoreBALTBRW4321-121up 1.0O'DayPeraltaJohnson2:37N26,669
4747Saturday, May 26boxscoreBALKCRL3429-181up 1.0HollandStropBroxton3:14D26,714
6161Tuesday, Jun 12boxscoreBALPITW8635-2621.0ChenLincolnJohnson3:22N15,618
7070Friday, Jun 22boxscoreBALWSNW2140-3021.5HammelZimmermannJohnson2:20N45,891
7777Saturday, Jun 30boxscoreBALCLEL51142-3525.0TomlinEveland3:16D35,335
8787Saturday, Jul 14boxscoreBALDETW861346-4128.0GreggBenoit4:43D43,215
100100Friday, Jul 27boxscoreBALOAKL91452-4828.5BlevinsJohnson4:00N29,278
113113Friday, Aug 10boxscoreBALKCRW7161-5225.5GonzalezHochevar2:31N17,277
114114Saturday, Aug 11boxscoreBALKCRL3761-5336.5MendozaTillman2:59N40,456
125125Friday, Aug 24boxscoreBALTORW6468-5735.0BrittonVillanuevaJohnson2:52N25,754
128128Tuesday, Aug 28boxscoreBALCHWW6071-5723.5TillmanSale2:30N12,841
137137Thursday, Sep 6boxscoreBALNYYW10677-601TiedO'DayRobertson3:09N46,298
141141Tuesday, Sep 11boxscoreBALTBRW9279-621TiedJohnsonMoore3:03N23,828
156156Wednesday, Sep 26boxscoreBALTORW12289-6721.5GonzalezVillanueva2:47N26,513
158158Saturday, Sep 29boxscoreBALBOSW4391-671TiedHunterDoubrontJohnson2:37N46,311
ALDS Game 2Monday, Oct 8boxscoreBALNYYN
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 10/15/2012.

And because I'm a bit wonky about this particular phenomenon, I've run some other numbers:

Wins: Chen 3, O'Day 2, Gonzalez 2, Arrieta 1, Hammel 1, Gregg 1, Britton 1, Tillman 1, S. Johnson 1, Hunter 1.
Saves: J. Johnson 7.
HR: C. Davis 13, Jones 5, Reynolds 5, Machado 5, Hardy 4, Markakis 2, Andino 2, N. Johnson 1, Teagarden 1, Quintanilla 1, Ford 1, Wieters 1, McLouth 1, Thome 1. (43 total)

Call me crazy, but I don't expect another 93-win (96 including the playoffs) season in 2013. But I had such a blast in Oriole Park this year that I plan on keeping up my frequent visits next year. Also, some day I might have to name my first-born after Chris Davis. He's no man; he's a remorseless home run machine.


Zach said...

You skipped the wins by Mendoza, Blevins, Tomlin, and Holland.

Commishbob said...

Wow. Davis hit 15 homers in the games you saw? That's really astounding when you think about it.

Kevin said...

Zach - Those wins never happened, you get me?

Bob - Well, it was 13 HR by Davis, but that's still incredible. I saw both his 3-HR and his 2-HR game vs. Toronto, and he homered in all four games I attended in September. It eventually became a shock when he DIDN'T go deep.

Zach said...

Ohhhh...I thought we were look at only the wins. Inadvertent troll on my part. Apologies good sir.