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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eddie Murray, 1988 Topps #4

Look out, New York. The Orioles are coming, and they'll be firing from both barrels. At least I hope so, after sweating out two mostly tense ALDS games in Baltimore. The first contest was tied 2-2 after 8 innings, and Monday night's game was a 3-2 final. It's not likely that the O's bats will bust out against Hiroki Kuroda tonight, but stranger things have happened...you know, like the 93-win Birds needing only a pair of wins in Yankee Stadium to earn a trip to the ALCS. I have a bit more faith in Miguel Gonzalez, the 28-year-old rookie who won 9 of his 13 decisions as a starter and tries to win his third in as many tries in the Bronx. I believe that he and the Orioles will find a way to outlast the Yanks. After all, they've won two out of three in each of their three series in New York this season. They may not have Eddie Murray in the lineup, but I think Mark Reynolds, Adam Jones, and Chris Davis might do in a pinch.

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