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Monday, October 29, 2012

Adam Jones, 2012 Panini Triple Play #237

Okay, I majorly approve of these cards. A buck a pack? Unlicensed by Major League Baseball? Stickers and temporary tattoos? Pop art caricatures of prominent big league players? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. (PS: Please note the black feather in the background of Adam Jones' picture here. Nicely done.) I picked up a few packs of Triple Play in Target this afternoon whilst doing some last-minute hurricane preparedness shopping. It felt good to walk right on by the racks and stacks of Topps product so that I could buy something fun and cheap with no phony-baloney promises of autographs or scraps of wood or clothing or short prints. Now I'll sit here, hunkered down safely inside, and wait out this storm. If you're in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast as I am, please be smart and secure.

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Rob said...

Hang in there! I certainly wish MLB would let more than one company officially produce cards again...