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Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage Fridays: Brooks Robinson, 1962 Post #29

I just got home about an hour ago and I need to do my best impression of a corpse in order to recharge my batteries for the weekend's birthday festivities. I'll just do a miniature show and tell from my six-hour spree at the National this afternoon. I only bought cards from two dealers, but I got my money's worth. The first half of my day was spent scouring the 90% off table manned by Danny Phillips of Phillips Vintage Sports Cards. I got a ton of high number cards for my 1959 and 1972 sets and a great bunch of discounted vintage stars as well. One such card was the Brooks Robinson specimen you see above, which was expertly clipped from the back of a cereal box 50 years ago. It's odd that the Post copy writer refers to Brooksie's "addition" in 1960, considering that he started 206 games over the two seasons previous. Eh, what do you want from a box of raisin bran, right?

The most expensive card I picked up for myself was a 1933 Goudey featuring Indians outfielder and Hall of Famer Earl Averill. It cost me $17.50, and it was only that heavily discounted because it looks like it's spent the past 80 years residing in someone's hip pocket. Still, I was thrilled to find a single card from that iconic set that wasn't marred by a young collector's ink or pencil scribbles. It is now the oldest piece of my collection, superseding the runners-up by a good 15 years. I guess it's just a matter of time before I talk myself into obtaining a tobacco card. I also happened to run into reader and fellow collector Greg Armentrout, also known as GCA. It was great to put another face with a name.
The latter half of my visit was spent at one dealer's dime box. Sadly I didn't get his name, even though I realized I'd also done business with him at the Philly Card Show. He and his young son (presumably) were impressed that I managed to find 400 cards I was interested in buying from that box, but I've got a lot of 1970s Topps sets that are 40-50% complete, and this dealer was stocked up on commons from that era.

Funnily, it dawned on me as I was leaving the Baltimore Convention Center that I had chosen to mark my 30th birthday by buying a whole mess of cardboard that was older than me; the most recent card in my bag was from 1981. That seemed fitting.


Oriole Paul said...

On my 30th birthday I decided to leave my terrible wife...you spend your day thumbing cardboard while your mouth salivates.....you win!

Oriole Paul said...

On my 30th birthday I decided to leave my crappy wife...you spend your day thumbing through beautiful cardboard while your mouth salivates....YOU WIN!!

Commishbob said...

Nice cards, Kevin. The Post Robby sure brings back some memories.

Kevin said...

Oriole Paul - Gee, tell us how you really feel. ;)

Bob - I also got a Frank Robby Post card, though obviously he was with the Reds there.

GCA said...

Always great to meet the real-life people behind the online cards. Now I know why I didn't find many '59s in that box. Got some great stuff out of it though, including a sleeveless Kluz for $10 and a lot of high # '70s.
Will definitely shop with those guys again.
I'll probably post about my show loot (and stuff from shops the week before) at my blog - http://thecollectivemind.blogspot.com.