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Monday, August 13, 2012

Jeff Ballard, 1989 Donruss #495

I haven't done a birthday post in a while, and I found myself saying, "Self, if you don't wish Jeff Ballard a happy 49th birthday, who will?". Then I was a bit staggered by the realization that Jeff Ballard is 49. Then I remembered that Jamie Moyer is also 49, and has thrown 3,073 big league innings and another 32 in the minors since Ballard last pitched in 1994. I also took note of Cory Doyne, who turns 31 today and pitched in 5 games for the 2007 O's, with disastrous results in a pair of those outings. Sadly, I've already featured Cory's superbly goony rookie card on this blog. Sometimes I think I should have shut this thing down in January 2011, because I'll never post a more sublime piece of cardboard than that one.

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