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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frank Robinson, 2012 Topps Gold Standard #GS-39

In general, the design of this card leaves a lot to be desired. Gold foil was played out 15 years ago, and I hate cards that shunt the player photo off to one side to make room for needlessly expansive graphic elements. If you've got the "1,500 RBI CLUB" gold seal (which isn't half-bad, actually), why do you need the faded-out "1,500 RBI CLUB"word stamp taking up an entire quarter of the card directly below it? However, the saving grace of this card is the placement of the round gold seal. It looks as if Frank Robinson has just walloped the seal and sent it hurtling right toward your face. Duck!


GCA said...

Or why couldn't they have filled in the faded out "1500 RBI Club"

Kevin said...

GCA - That's a reasonable enough request.