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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Earl Weaver, 1987 Topps #568

I've spent some time in thrift stores in my day, and I've even found some secondhand articles of clothing that I came to treasure, like an old paper-thin "Maryland Is for Crabs" ringer tee. But never have I found a genuine game-worn Earl Weaver jersey. Some lucky bastige named Ben Aguirre not only spotted one of Earl's 1977 home whites in a Bay Area thrift store (complete with the telltale breast pocket for his pack of smokes), but took it home for $3. As if that weren't enough, Ben also got his mitts on Mike Torrez' 1975 home jersey at the same price! The Orioles' legendary manager was back in Baltimore this past weekend for the National Sports Collectors Convention, so our charmed bargain hunter was able to meet Weaver and get him to sign the uniform top. Follow the link up above to read more about this incredible story, including a great quote from Earl. If you need me, I'll be at the thrift store.


Zach said...

Surprisingly, thrift stores have some of the finest jerseys at the cheapest prices. This is a very appropriate post for me, because I actually just started a blog about the jerseys I've bought at thrift stores. I doubt I'll have 5 years of material like you, but it's worth checking out!


Zach said...

^By the way, the above post is by your reader formerly known as William.