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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jim Palmer, 2012 Topps Archives Stickers #67S-JP

This card is so delightfully goofy that I am obligated to love and cherish it. It's an insert from Topps' new Archives set, and it pays homage to the floating-head stickers that the company released in 1967 on a trial basis for the Pirates and Red Sox. Of course, Jim Palmer's piercing blue eyes and vaguely spacey grin issuing forth from a disembodied head set against a blood red background may conjure up nightmares for some of you, but that's not my problem. Pleasant dreams!


jacobmrley said...

This card is freaking me out and, for some reason, I have the urge to go buy underwear.

CaptKirk42 said...

Cool timing. I just yesterday (Saturday) got a couple of blasters of 2012 Topps Archives and this card was one of the two '67 style stickers I pulled, and one of the two Orioles I pulled the other being Adam Jones base card in the '54 style.

Kevin said...


CaptKirk - That's a funny coincidence. I also have the Jones '54 card.