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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lenn Sakata, 1983 Topps #319

It's been a rough week and change for the Orioles. They've lost seven of nine, including their first four-game losing streak of the season (still ongoing). The hitters are scuffling, the starting pitchers are inconsistent, and the bullpen isn't untouchable any more. The O's are still clinging to a first-place tie in the East, but all five teams in the division are within five games of one another. There's little margin for error.

What the Birds need now is a good luck charm. Who better than the 3'7" pride of Honolulu, Lenn Sakata? If this heroic utility infielder with his bouncy tufts of black hair and his colossal shop-teacher glasses can't raise the spirits of the nicked-up Orioles, then I am all out of ideas. (Note: I may be all out of ideas. We'll know soon enough.)


jacobmrley said...

Told ya you shouldn't have said anything. I don't believe in ghosts or anything supernatural. But when it comes to baseball, my superstitious quotient just explodes.

Kevin said...

Max - I understand the sentiment. In the 10th inning last night Jim Palmer complimented J.J. Hardy's accurate throwing arm. I cringed, expecting him to airmail his next relay across the diamond. No matter how pragmatic I try to be, I can't bury the irrational fanaticism that lies beneath.