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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mike Oquist, 1995 Collector's Choice #343

Today is a very Mike Oquist day, wouldn't you agree? I mean, yesterday was downright Steve Kline, but at least it wasn't as Radhames Liz as Tuesday. All in all, it was a pretty Mark Williamson week. But today is perfectly Mike Oquist, and it already looks like tomorrow will be quite B. J. Ryan. Have a good night, folks, and always keep it Tippy Martinez.


William said...

I haven't commented on your site in awhile but that doesn't mean I've stopped reading.

I think this was a very Jim Dedrick week -- long enough to tire me out but I can't remember what I did.

jacobmrley said...

B.J. Ryan? nah, too easy.

Kevin said...

William - Glad you're still with us! Oh, Jim Dedrick. He has to be the most random Oriole that pops up in the 2,130 - 2,131 game footage.

Max - I'm sure everyone appreciates you taking the high road.